Welcome to my world of magical spiritual symbolism with fantastical fish, whimsical felines and mystical landscapes.

I'm a fine artist living in the southwest high desert of New Mexico. My daily life is about capturing the beauty around me and translating it into my personal vision. The studio is filled with little furry critters (cats) that give me inspiration and joy.

My Creative Journey

My early art career

Fantasy art was always of interest to me. Growing up in southern Louisiana wasn’t exactly an experience at the height of artistic culture so inspiration came more from the local landscape. My influences became the water and glistening highlights on the river bottom as I would wade down the river fishing. In elementary school at recess I would find a tree to sit under and draw spaceships and creatures while all my classmates where playing on the playground. When I saw Frank Frazetta’s artwork for the first time, I knew I wanted to do fantasy art. Then Star Wars came to the theater. I drew spaceships for a long time after that. Here is a photo of me painting a wall mural in a friend’s room.

During the late 70s airbrush t-shirts were really big. I picked up the airbrush and started painting t-shirts, motorcycle gas tanks, helmets, wall murals and even a tractor. Hey, at that age, I was looking for any canvas to paint on. That little airbrush helped me pay my way through art school. Later in my career as an artist, I had the honor of being on the Airbrush Action Magazine staff, traveling around the country teaching airbrush workshops with the best airbrush artists in the industry.

I went to college first at Louisiana Tech University, and later transferred to East Texas State University, where I met Sherri, my wife. It was art school where I gave my life over to Jesus Christ and began a relationship with God. This step of faith has made all the difference in my life. As each year goes by, I see more and more how God has ordered my steps and blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. In college I was blessed to have had classes with some of the best artists who were working professionals in the illustration business; men such as Bart Forbes, Don Ivan Punchatz, Jack Unruh and Mike Presley. These guys were mentors who shared lots of experiences and artistic knowledge. 

Opening my first studio

After college, I opened Green Acres Studio, a full service illustration studio. I produced illustrations for a wide variety of clients such as American Airlines, Disney, Warner Brothers, Texas Instruments, Bell Helicopter, Frito-lay, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, IBM, Focus on the Family, Xerox, Bic pens, Mead paper, etc.

DreamWorks, a dream come true

After the illustration business slowed down in the 80s, I decided to try something different.

I was offered a job in Los Angeles, California working at DreamWorks interactive. Steven Spielberg films has such a creative impact on my art so to be in Hollywood working around amazing talent was a dream come true.

I began creating digital artwork for computer games. It was a new world so different from illustration which is about painting a product or advertisement. This art was about developing story, characters, environments and effects. I spent time walking the hallway of the visual development department and looking at all the incredible sketches, paintings, drawings of upcoming film projects. Wow! This was like nothing I had ever seen before. I knew that my heart was calling me into art direction and visual development.

I became an art director for DreamWorks and worked on many great projects such as Metal of Honor, Metal of Honor: Allied Assault, Clive Barkers Undying and Small Soldiers.

Electronic Arts, THQ, Midway games

After DreamWorks I went to work for several major game companies such as Electronic Arts, THQ and Midway games in Seattle, Washington. Some of the fun projects I worked on were Need for Speed series, Evil Dead Regeneration, Vegas, etc.

Big Fish Games

My journey brought me to Big Fish Games where I became the Art Director for the Mystery Case Files series. This was one of the funniest jobs. I got to do everything from concept art, animation, environment art, characters and special effects. My team was a dynamic group of talented artists who could create anything. Our games won many awards. Mystery Case Files: Return to Ravenhurst, MCF:Dire Grove, MCF: Madame Fate, MCF: 13th Skull, MCF:Escape from Ravenhurst.

Leaving the big city

After 20+ years in the entertainment industry, I was ready to leave the big city life behind and move to a less populated area to focus on my personal work. Sherri and I always loved New Mexico and the combination of art and spirituality. Since relocating to the southwest, I have expanded my artwork to Jigsaw puzzles, coloring books, diamond art painting and other outlets that showcase my work. My work can also be seen and purchased in several galleries such as Santisima Gallery in old town Albuquerque and The Pop Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

  • Jeff and Sherri Haynie

    We are both artists and crazy cat people. All of our babies are rescue cats who help us create all the art you see.

  • Alphie (Fang), DCO, Director of Covert Operations

    Alphie can't talk about his secret Ninja activities. He is elusive while hiding in the shadows and mice fear him. He got his nickname from having one fang longer then the other. His favorite thing is to be scratched.

  • Korby, CCO, Chief Cuteness Officer

    Korby is responsible for maintaining the public relations appearances of cats being cute. His favorite TV show is "Keeping up with appearences" where he learned his craft.

  • The Howard, CSO, Chief Sleeping Officer

    Howard is in charge of making sure nap breaks happen every hour. He patiently waits/sleeps by the window waiting for his neighorhood deer friends to visit him. Plastic bubblewrap is his favorite snack.

  • Chunky, CEO, Chief Eating Officer

    Chunky is in charge of making sure the daddy knows it is feeding time for the crew. He strongly believes his human authorities are trying to starve him.

  • Loki, CPO, Chief Pitiful Officer

    Loki does pititful very well. He is Monkey's brother and our newest addition. He is sweet love muffin.

  • Mikey, QCS, Quality Control Supervisior

    Mikey is our outside cat who has to supervise everything to meet his high standards. Food is his weakness.

  • Pumpkin, CHO, Chief Hairball Officer

    Pumpkin makes sure everyone is happy and well grooomed. With four brothers to groom, the floor is full of barfed up hair logs.

  • Miss Joshua, CSA, Chief Spiritual Advisor

    The late and great Miss Joshua is where the cat adventure started. She is still with us in spirit. She was a daddy's girl. Her favorite food was daddy's guacamole.

  • Grizzly Bear, CPO, Chief Play Officer

    Grizzly is in charge of play time which is squeezed in between eating and naptime. He thinks he is a dog. He loves to fetch soft foam balls that he rips until they resemble a cratered planet

  • Monkey posing for a drawing secession.

  • Monkey makes a geat artist model.

  • Naptime

  • Starbucks whip cream is the best!

  • I got it all over my face!

  • Welcoming the new kid.

  • Basket meeting

  • Howard helping me draw

  • A clouter of cats